Crow Mountain

Crow Mountain pictures and thoughts. The extended Mendenhall family gets together every year to climb Crow Mountain and enjoy each other.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

more pictures

Here is another picture of the new house where you can see the beautiful countryside as well:

what a cool place

and here is a picture of Shawn and Japhy, Susan's friendly dog:

what a cool dog

Monday, June 07, 2004

More flowers

i wish i had taken more pictures of people, i suppose; all i have are flowers!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

The NEW HOUSE! I wish I would have taken pictures of the inside, it is even MORE marvelous than the outside. The kitchen cabinetry is decorated with beautiful wordburnings of nature and vegetables. Each room has it's own character and feel. Edward, J'lene, Scout, and Hamilton are so artistic and visionary in their approach to their home. We hope the enjoy it!  Posted by Hello

Edward and J'lene open their housewarming present. We all hope the love the deep-fryer. Posted by Hello

Andrew, Sam, Chloe, and Sam in the front-loader. Austin is driving with the help of Maddie and ?. Someone please comment with the name.  Posted by Hello

Andrew, Sam, and Chloe in the front-loader. Posted by Hello

Shawn and Holly on the ride up. Posted by Hello

Writing in the cache book. Posted by Hello

Scout on the uphill climb. Posted by Hello

Starting out. Posted by Hello

Toby loves the flowers. Posted by Hello

Scout and Shawn. Posted by Hello

Holly, Barb, and Harlan on the ride up. Posted by Hello

Flowers. Crow Mountain was in full bloom this year with Sego Lilies, Wild Onion, and lots of other orange, yellow, and blue blossoms. Posted by Hello

Andrew and Chloe Posted by Hello

Chloe at the cache. Posted by Hello

The cache crew for 2004. Andrew remembered where the glass jar was and we all signed the book. Posted by Hello

Walking up Crow Mountain Posted by Hello